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Why Smartpay?

59% of abandoned carts are the result of limited payment options.

We expand payment options so online stores never lose a customer.


Grow with us

The SmartPay plug-in processes debit card payments in just two clicks.

Stores & apps with SmartPay have seen a 16% month over month growth in sales.


secure, safe, free, & easy

Free installation.

Encrypted transfer of funds
from customer to business.

The same processing fee as PayPal
and Credit Card providers.

Seconds to install.

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Use Cases


Once our online presence started to grow charities and not-for-profits started reaching out for installations. We quickly realized that our product increases the revenue of charities as well as online stores.


We created this payment processor with ecommerce stores in mind. It takes seconds to go live on checkout pages and starts increasing revenue immediately.

high risk

Certain high risk industries are more susceptible to charge back fraud and other scams. SmartPay has built a secure gateway that uses bank level security software to mitigate the risk of fraud. Each one of our payments is secured and guaranteed by the CDIC (Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation).